Design and manufacture of cold dies

The types of transformers commonly used in gas processing such as stamping, stamping, stamping, … are stamping. Learn about design and production in the quenching below.

What is cold stamping?

Cold stamping mold is a mechanical work product used to shape by deforming material under the effect of pressure in a cold state, without heating. Products of cold stamping mold are usually in the form of thin sheets such as pots, pans, washbasins, exhaust pipes, gas tanks, machine parts, …

Note when designing a cold die

Cold stamping molds are imaging tools that directly affect the creation of cold stamping products. Cold stamping molds must ensure quality accuracy, specifications and durability to withstand high pressures.

To meet product shaping requirements, a cold stamping mold is made of two main parts: upper and lower molds. Specifically, the upper mold, also known as the pestle, is attached to the hammer and operated by the pressure of the hammer, while the lower mold is fixed during stamping.

Design of cold die must be done on specialized software for analyzing, simulating structure and operating efficiency to avoid errors. Because the mold is subjected to high pressure, high bending stress, friction and impact, so when making a cold die, it is necessary to choose production materials with high hardness, strength and toughness.

Numatec Viet Nam Co.,LTD produces high quality cold stamping molds

Numatec Viet Nam Co.,LTD has sufficient capacity to design and process cold stamping with specifications of materials, sizes and customer requirements. Manufacturing molds on CNC milling machine systems, wire cutters, electric pulse machines, grinders, quality measuring machines, … automatically to improve mold productivity and quality.

Numatec Viet Nam Co.,LTD is committed to designing cold stamping for practical operation under high pressure, producing thin sheets from aluminum alloy, stainless steel, sheet carbon steel.

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