Modern plastic injection molding method

Plastic injection molding method is to use a plastic mold tool in the injection molding process with a plastic injection machine to create the desired plastic products. In this article, Smart Vietnam will provide you with information about this modern plastic production method.

What is plastic injection mold?

A plastic injection mold is a tool composed of many details and parts used to shape the plastic injection production. The plastic injection mold is attached directly to the plastic injection machine with the appropriate pressure to produce plastic products according to the required specifications. The quality of plastic products depends on the quality and precision of plastic injection molds.

What is the injection molding method?

Plastic molding method is a method of molding plastic shaped by a mold that is commonly used in plastic factories. In order to be able to create the desired shape of the plastic product, the plastic material is heated to melt it into a liquid, then the plastic billet is pressurized to fill the plastic injection mold to shape. Then, when the temperature drops, the liquid plastic formed inside the mold from its hot form is converted to a solid plastic product. At the end of the cooling process, the plastic product is ejected from the press by opening the mold. The plastic injection molding method uses a modern plastic injection machine with large pressure to quickly produce a large number of plastic products with uniform quality, beautiful design and desired application.

Plastic injection molding method – high level in plastic production

Modern plastic injection molding method with a mold applying modern production technology offers many advantages compared to traditional methods.

  • Plastic injection molding is made from simple to complex products, small plastic parts with high precision

  • The quality of plastic products is uniform, accurate in shape, size and specifications, with less defects.

  • Automate the plastic production process, operators only need to supply plastic resins and check the quality of finished plastic products, remove bavia.

  • Fast plastic injection cycle, at the same time can squeeze many products to increase productivity, reduce costs.

Application of plastic products from injection molding technology

The plastic injection molding method is highly appreciated for its quality, efficiency in productivity and outstanding economy. This method is applied in all areas of plastic production serving human life, industry such as electrical & electronic equipment, automotive components, machinery components, medical equipment, …

Smart Vietnam accepts high quality plastic injection molding and molding

In order to produce plastic by injection molding method, it is necessary to have a precise plastic injection mold that is meticulously made with the most modern CNC machines. In addition, the plastic injection machines using modern technology are automated and have strong pressure to produce quality plastic products, reducing the time for a plastic injection cycle.

Smart Vietnam is a company that manufactures precision plastic molds on CNC milling machines, electric pulse machines, wire cutters, … In addition, we also meet the needs of high-tech plastic molding on the system. Japanese presses from 50 to 450 tons.

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