Structure of continuous stamping mold

The continuous die is a type of mold born with the desire to increase production quickly, but still meet the quality standards for stamping products.

Structure of continuous stamping mold

The continuous die has a rather complex structure consisting of many parts assembled together, including many pairs of mortars (stamping stations) arranged on the same die base to perform different stamping operations such as stamping, embossing, bending, stamping, …

The continuous die moves continuously and sequentially through positions to cut and bend parts in continuous shape and create finished products and parts after each stamping.

The benefits of continuous stamping

The continuous die is a mold tool used in the continuous stamping technology – a process of manufacturing mechanical products from metal materials such as steel plates to create various products and details.

The continuous die structure facilitates automatic production and continuous operation, bringing many benefits to the machining process:

  • Using continuous stamping to improve production productivity by machines.
  • Products created are guaranteed of high mechanical properties and quality, and high accuracy.

  • Increase output, reduce time and labor costs.

Requirements when making and using a continuous die

The structure of continuous die forming requires precise specifications of each detail and stable installation. To ensure the quality of the mold, the manufacture of a continuous die requires the following basic requirements:

  • Materials for continuous stamping must be made of high quality alloy steel.

  • The mold, when manufactured, must be accurate to the exact specifications required by the customer.
  • The continuous die has a complete range of roll blank removal devices, feeder feeder, and straightener.
  • The continuous mold requires automatic operation, highly precise workpiece displacement steps.
  • The pressing force and the size of the continuous die are large, so the press must be large enough to be able to complete the production process.
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