Types of cold stamping molds

A cold die is a type of mold that uses pressure to deform metal according to a desired shape. Cold stamping dies are divided into several types depending on the type of punch and the method of punching.

Classification of cold stamping mold

Based on punch type

The types of cold dies are classified according to the type of punch, which are divided into two common types with distinct characteristics. Detail:

  • Cutting mold: is a mold used to perform the actions of punching and cutting excess metal. The die comes with a set pin and guide plate and the die has no guides.
  • Mold: is a type of mold used to change the shape of a sheet of metal without cutting any part of the workpiece.

Continuous stamping mold

Based on the punch method

Based on the punching method, the types of cold stamping can be mentioned as:

  • Based on Simple Punch Mold

A simple die is a mold that performs only one operation at a time. The mold has a simple structure and is easy to fabricate, but the drawback is that when making large-diameter punches, the holes are easy to warp, the aesthetics is not high.

  • Mold components

A component die is a mold that performs 2 or more operations in each stamping session. The advantage of the component mold is to perform operations at the same time so the accuracy is higher. The drawback of molds is that it is limited to only simple processes.

  • Mold coordination

Combination mold is a type of mold that can perform 2 or more forming operations in one cycle of a press. After each stamping, the product is fully shaped when it comes out of the mold.

  • Continuous stamping mold

The continuous die is considered to be a complete production cycle. At each stamping stage, 1 action is performed, each stamping position will form a part and until the last part, the part is completed completely.

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