Materials for cold stamping

Each material has different properties that are used in making a particular mold. Today’s article, Smartpm shares with you good cold stamping materials.

Requirements of cold stamping die

A cold die is a tool commonly used to process metals and alloys by means of cold deformation using pressure.

The process of making a cold die requires choosing the correct mold material. Because the cold die needs to withstand high pressure and friction, it requires the following requirements:

Mold hardness is high from 56-62 HRC depending on the type of mold and the hardness of the workpiece.

Cold stamping materials are highly wear resistant to keep the size of the product through multiple machining.

Good strength and toughness, withstands great impact forces while stamping.

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Materials for cold stamping

Choosing the materials for cold stamping is extremely important if you want to make the right size and shape. Steel is a popular material for cold stamping. However, on the market today, there are many types of steel with different properties for suitable application in certain fields. SKD11 and DC11 are two steel grades that meet the requirement of balance between hardness and toughness, have anti-wear properties and ensure the aesthetics of the product.

Steel SKD11

As steel grade of the group of alloy tool steel, with high chromium and carbon content (% Cr ~ 11 – 13%,% C ~ 1.4 – 1.6%). SKD steel has high hardness (reaching from 58 – 60 HRC), high wear resistance, good permeability, lowest tempering stress, high purity, homogeneous microstructure.

With unique characteristics, SKD11 steel is the preferred cold stamping material. The mold made of this steel grade has good hardness and surface quality, limits warping when machining, and the machining surface is also more beautiful.

DC11 steel

DC11 steel is a suitable cold stamping material because it offers the following advantages:

The hardness of steel after heat treatment reaches 60 HRC – 62 HRC.

Steel has a high resistance to wear at normal temperatures.

Good permeability and low quenching stress.

Machined surface is smooth and beautiful.

Mold made of high-performance, durable DC11 steel for long-term use.

Choosing the correct type of material to make a die is just one step in mold manufacturing. In order to have quality, accurate and efficient cold stamping products for themselves, businesses need to look for a company specializing in mold production. Smartpm manufactures exact molds according to customer requirements.

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